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Lost your ruler? Missing your measuring tape? Solve this inconvenience by downloading one of these free printable rulers for the classroom.

On this page you will find a set of four printable rulers for the classroom in PDF format. All four rulers have been combined into a single PDF. They've been rotated to they fit along the diagonal of a letter-sized sheet of paper. The PDF contains an inches ruler (12 inches) with 1/8 inch marker, and a centimeter ruler (30 centimeters) with millimeter markings, in color and black and white.

These free printable rulers will come in handy for measuring worksheets, in science and math class, and in various arts and crafts projects.

Furthermore, these rulers are also superior to the ordinary plastic ones because they can bend. Now kids can easily measure the circumference of circle or cylinders, or the perimeter of organic shapes.


Teachers's Tip

Teachers, print a set for the entire classroom. Laminate them so that your students can use them again and again. If you want these rulers to last, print them onto sturdy construction paper or thin cardboard. Be sure to keep an eye on the kids if they’re using scissors.

Parent's Tip

Parents, these printable rulers will come in handy at home in case your kids have lost or broken their own rulers. Save yourself a trip to Walmart!

Printing Instructions

When printing, don’t turn on “scale to fit.” Be sure to print the PDF at 100% scale. Otherwise the ruler will not be accurate.

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Did You Know?

Quiz your kids with this trivia!

One inch = 2.54 centimeters
One centimeter = 0.394 inches
One foot = 0.3048 meters
One meter = 3.28 feet
One mile = 1.61 kilometers
One kilometer = 0.621 miles

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