Free Printable Dinosaur Dot-to-Dots

Do your kids love dinosaurs? What kid doesn’t? If you give your kiddos some dino-themed fun, download this free printable dinosaur dot-to-dots pdf. Connect the dots on these ferocious thunder lizards to complete the picture.

The first dino dot-to-dot features the king of dinosaurs, old Tyrannosaurus Rex!

dinosaur dot to dot

In the next printable, you’ll come face to face with velociraptor. Much better to see him on a dot-to-dot instead of in real life. (This printable one won’t eat you.)free printable dinosaur dot to dots

The third dinosaur dot-to-dot activity is a challenging puzzle of a t.rex skull, with over 300 dots to connect. t rex dot to dot

Finally, the last dot-to-dot dinosaur is a printable of both Tyrannosaurus rex and velociraptor.

dinosaur dot to dot activity

The answer keys are included at the end of the PDF doc.

Parents, if you’re hosting a dinosaur-themed birthday party, these printable would make a great addition to a goodie bag. You could also print them as placemats for when it’s time to eat birthday cake.

If your kids would like more dot-to-dots after they’ve finished these, run over to the dot-to-dot section.

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Format: 8.5x11, PDF

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