Continents Cut and Paste Activity

Can your kids name all 7 continents? Do they know what they look like? Can they place them on the world map? Once your children/students finish this printable continents cut and paste activity, they'll know how to do all three of these things.

Cut and paste the continents onto the globe template in this fun continents cut and paste activity for kids. Then label them. Last but not least, grab some crayons and add color to the world! Teachers, you'll find the answer key on the second page of the PDF.

Printing Instructions

When printing a class set, make sure you don't print multiple copies of the answer key. Print the first page of the PDF as many times as you need, and then print the answer key on the second page once.

Page Count: 2
Categories: Worksheets, Maps, Activities
Themes: Adventure, Ocean Explorers
Grade Levels:
Format: 8.5x11, PDF, Portrait

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