Compass Rose Worksheet

Thanks to Google maps and smart phones, finding your way has never been easier. Despite these conveniences, knowing your directions remains a fundamental skill all kids must learn. On the off chance that the cell phone dies, or the wifi isn't available, a classic paper map will be able to guide the way, assuming, that is, you know how to read it.

Teach your kids about the directions and the compass rose with this free printable compass rose worksheet.

Label the cardinal directions (north, south, east, west) and the intercardinal (a.k.a ordinal) directions (northeast, northwest, southeast, southwest).

Cut out the labels, and paste them in their proper slots to complete the compass rose.

The answer key is on the second page of the pdf.

Teachers's Tip

Include this compass rose worksheet as part of a social studies or geography homework assignment, or as part of a social studies summer packet.

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Did You Know?

The first magnetic compass was most likely invented in China around 260 B.C.E.

Around 1190 A.D., the compass first appears in the Western Europe and the Islamic World. A compass always points to magnetic north, which is different from the geographic, or geodetic north.

Word Origins:

"North" comes from the root "ner", which means "to the left of the rising sun."
"East" comes from a word for dawn.
"South" comes from the root "seethe, to boil."
"West" comes from a word for evening.

Source: Wikipedia: Cardinal Directions.

If want to go magnetic north, remember to use a compass. And if you want awesome free worksheets and activities for kids, remember to bookmark Tim's Printables.

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